One may ask, "what is this "Remember The Music" all about!'s just that...remembering the music that has touched our hearts, emotions and even our souls in a very definitive way!

Music has ALWAYS had a way of reaching into our lives and invoking feelings and emotions! Many of us growing up in the 60's and 70's shared a best friend...OUR AM RADIO! (HA!) Whether it was driving in the 57 Chevy as we would "cruise" the streets listening to our favorite radio stations (Ours of course was KOMA...Oklahoma City); or listening to the DJ's as they "spun the tunes"; or maybe as we listened to the music blaring from our 8-tracks or when we got home, we would turn on our transistor radios...or crank up our record players and listen to the songs on those 45's!? No matter how we listened to the music...they were "Our Songs"? Whatever the scenario, we would listen into the night to DJ's like  Wolfman Jack and other radio hosts who would take us to those magical, musical places which made us feel....well.....good!?

Music has ALWAYS had a special place in my life...from the first time I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964...until now...I remember the music and how it touched my life...and STILL does to this very day! 

I am reminded of a line in the song "American Pie" by Don Mclean which goes, "....A long, long time ago, I can still remember how the music used to make me smile! And I knew if I had the chance, that I could make the people dance...and maybe they'd be happy for a while..."   (And for you who know the chorus ...I DID drive my "Chevy to the levy" (SMILE!) ...and I STILL sing this anthem of my generation!)

So as we embark on this "Remember The Music" journey, I am reminded of ALL the music that has influenced us and has been a "friend" through the years! All the way from the "Classics" of the 60's and 70's; Contemporary Country; The Gospel Music and Church Hymns; and the Modern Worship of today's all has a special place in my my soul! 

This "Music Mosaic" of the various music genre's has helped defined who I am today! Therefore, in the "Remember the Music" journey....I want to take us back in time for a moment...for a chance for some of us to hop in our cars, "cruise main" once again and listen to the music which stirred our souls! 

And even if those times are long gone, the memories are still as fresh as if we were back on main street once again! 

I also desire to see the music take us into a "heavenly place" as we sing songs of adoration and praise unto the the Lord...BUT FOR ALL OF US...I trust these concerts will be able to bring us into a place where we remember what touches us the most in a very personal way...and that my dear "MUSIC"!  

So in a nutshell, we have hit the road again this year, doing concerts, speaking and sharing our musical journey that we've been on for the past 50+ years! Contact the office for available dates and information if you are interested!? I truly hope you enjoy the "ride" as we "Remember The Music"!